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1.5 hour

hour driving lesson


2 hour

hour driving



What's the best lesson for me?

I offer 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons at the prices above (which work out at £38 per hour).  Some people request 1 hour lessons, however, in my opinion (and through lots of experience),  you will get less out of a 1 hour lesson and you will progress more slowly so this is not something I currently offer.  

I generally work with 1.5 hour lessons as this gives me time to explain what we are doing and time for the pupil to get used to it and practice.  This helps build confidence ready for the next lesson and progress on to the next subject.

I can also offer 2 hour lessons for those who want to progress more quickly.  However, sometimes these lessons can be too long for some and therefore my recommendation is for 1.5 hour lessons.

There is no need to decide now.  We can try different options and see which one suits you best.

Motorway Driving - I am also able to include the option to include Motorway driving as part of my lessons

Payment methods accepted are:

  • Bank Transfer

  • PayM – easy to set up, it allows you to make payments to your phone contact

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