About Me

Hi, I’m Laura and I absolutely love being a driving instructor.  I love teaching people to be safe on the roads, not just to pass a test.  I will give you skills for life and help you gain confidence on the road.  I pride myself on being able to work with different personalities and different learning abilities. 


Throughout my career I have had experience working with young people whilst running a theatre school.  Helping young people build self-confidence and self esteem has been extremely rewarding and this is carries over into my teaching as a driving instructor.  I understand that everyone learns differently and needs to take things at different paces.   I will do my best to work with you, whatever pace you wish to take your learning.

Don’t think that all driving instructors are the same.  We are not.  We all have different teaching styles.  Don’t be afraid to change or try someone new.


If you choose me, I look forward to working with you